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Alioune Koné        COMPOSER

              MUSIC PRODUCER


Alioune Koné

Producteur/Directeur Musical

Compositeur à l'image

(Films, Dessins animés, documentaires...)

Music Producer/Musical Director

Film composer

Composer for medias

(TV, Cartoons, video games...)

Alioune Koné is a singer-songwriter. Multi-instrumentalist. Franco-Malian, he began classical music at the conservatory, where he studied violin and clarinet. A little later with the guitar, piano and his voice, he blossomed fully and composed his first songs.
He forged a great experience on stage throughout the world. Enriched by his numerous travels between the African and South American continents, he settled in Salvador de Bahia for a few years and fully immersed himself in the musical diversity and his crossbreeding in the broadest sense of the term.
Alioune Koné is one of the main composers of the world leader in the distribution of music in malls, stores, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and home furnishing stores in more than 40 countries. The aim is to create background music for these public places. The field of composition is vast, because it is necessary to continuously adapt to its customers and to show great creativity in many musical styles: Chill out, Lounge music, Electro-Soft, Deep House, Dub, Reggae, Pop Rock, etc...
Alioune Koné has always played the Kora, a 23-string African harp.
This instrument carries a lot African history and tradition in it and needs years of practice to reach its magic.
AK transformed the original instrument , he added 2 more bass strings in order to widen its range; and thanks to his Luthier, he installed chromatic keys on each strings. Thanks to this change, AK’s Koras are chromatic and can be played in all tonalities. This is an evolution of the traditional instrument to a kind of hybrid modern one.
AK and the famous jazz saxophonist Olivier Py have recently released a surprising and innovative collaboration; in which the arpeggios of the Kora and the saxophone's melodies unite to create an explosive jazz duo called: "Whispering Souls”.
In total, Alioune K with all his projects has been sharing the stage for many years with many musicians and singers, such as ..: Lokua Kanza, Manu Dibango, Michel Jonaz, The Wailers, Bernard Lavilliers, Sensimillia, Jimmy Cliff, Alpha Blondy, Ziggy Marley, Tiken Jah Fakoly... As far as film scoring music  is concerned, Alioune Koné has won the prize for the 6th place for the Ohio International Film Music Competition "Horror Hotel Contest".
Alioune Koné has followed the demanding training of the CIFAP: - Film scoring / Documentaries / Cartoons.
Film scoring music  is now one of the priorities in Alioune Koné’s artistic life, with always the possibility of bringing a touch of "ethnic, world music" to his compositions.
Alioune Koné is the Musical director and Composer of the musical


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